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How MalaysiaEduServ Can Help

Moving to another country for education is quite a complex decision, especially for parents sending their kids abroad. There are tuition fees and living costs to consider, ticket prices, accommodation options, local culture and lifestyle, visa process, documentation and then there's the psychological toll of sending the kids away to a foreign land for the next few years.

But this entire process from Course selection and visa processing to arrival is supposed to be a fun and memorable journey that you will reminisce years from now. It is also meant to be your first step in becoming a confident and independent individual on the way to your dream career.

As part of the complete counseling process at MalaysiaEduServ, we provide complete guidance and support throughout these processes including post-arrival support to the students about the culture and lifestyle in Malaysia. Mentioned below is a detailed look at the individual services that are a wholesome part of our counseling process.

Education Counseling

We initiate the counseling process with an assessment of the student's results, present knowledge as well as future interests. In addition, we also discuss financial aspects with the parents such as their budget range. Based on these factors, we provide the best recommended degree options at the top universities that fit both - the student's interest and the parents' budget. On account of their personal experience of the dynamic education system in Malaysia, our expert counselors recommend the best pathways with top quality learning that leads to a solid career choice for each individual applicant.

Career Guidance

On the basis of continuous ongoing research of current and future trends in each industry, the counselors at MalaysiaEduServ assist each applying student in making a firm decision that will increase their chances of achieving their dream career. Sometimes, there are students who are unable to pick between two degree options or specializations because they possess the skills and education credentials to pursue both. Our counselors indulge in a deep discussion, weighing the pros and cons of each option to help applicants make a firm decision that they can passionately pursue for a confident future career.

Application Assist

Once the Degree Program, Pathway and University are finalized, the next step is the application process, which is meant to be a fun and engaging activity. The counselors collaborate with the students to fill up the application forms, providing tips along the way, indirectly preparing them for interviews and future job applications. Another important step at this point is accommodation selection, which can be a daunting task, especially if you've never been to Malaysia. Nothing to worry about as our counselor will present you with several types of accommodation options based on your budget and preference.

Visa Support

Visa support comes as part of the package. We ensure quick and smooth visa processing with the least downtime following a streamlined process. Our expert team is well aware of the latest immigration rules of Malaysia along with the documents required at each step. Rest assured that while you are busy with shopping and planning for your journey to Malaysia, we remain focused on retrieving your visa approval to ensure your swift journey.

Post Arrival Support

As students prepare for their journey to Malaysia, we provide them a detailed briefing about traveling to this amazing country, its transportation system, currency, local laws and lifestyle to help them ease into the independent student lifestyle. The post arrival process includes psychological support for parents and students as our counselors remain in touch with them throughout their journey, arrival at the airport, pickup as well as drop off to the university and accommodation.

Caree Guidance
Application Assist
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