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Go for a Bachelor's Degree after your A-Levels or 12th Grade. With options for a 4+0 Fully American Degree or 3+0 Fully British/Australian Degrees that can be completed totally in Malaysia. Students who wish to transfer to the respective foreign campuses may do so in the 3rd or 4th year of the respective degree. Choose from a variety of majors and study in a practical assessment based education system that prepares you for your future career

If you're looking for Career Advancement opportunities or just wish to study more and have a higher qualification, go for one of our Master's Degree programs offering Business, Computer Science, Project Management, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security and a 100 more options. A strong Master's Degree from a well recognized university means better pay, better work opportunities and definitely higher immigration points



A Diploma in Malaysia is not like a diploma in most asian countries. It is a powerful 2 year program that is ideal for students who have completed their O-Levels or Grade 10 and wish to go abroad for higher studies. Upon completion of the Diploma, students get direct entry into Year 2 or Year 3 of a Bachelors Degree saving them time and money. A Malaysian Diploma from a well recognized university is equivalent to a Canadian Diploma as evaluated by WES (World Education Services)

The Foundation program is well suited to students who have completed their O-Levels or Grade 10 and wish to get direct entry into a Bachelors Degree. There are various streams available in the Foundation Program ranging from Business and Science to Arts and Computing, preparing students for their Bachelors Degree entry. It is a practical assessment based pathway that equips students for their specialized Degree going forward


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The PhD/Doctorate pathway is for industry experts who wish to further advance their education credentials and career options. We have numerous Research and Coursework based PhD Programs with several areas of expertise including Business, Computing, Finance, Supply Chain, Engineering, Education and a plethora of additional options. Develop your industry expertise and knowledge with professional Academic Supervisors to take your Research Methodology to the next level

A Certificate Program is an entry level program for students who have lower marks or less number of subjects in their Grade 10 or O-Levels. It is a 1 year program designed to equip you with the grades and skills needed to enter into a Diploma-Degree pathway. Students have the option of choosing from a range of specializations such as Business, IT, Arts, Hotel Management, etc.



Malaysia is an excellent destination for English Language Courses because English is a widely spoken language across the country and you get to practice speaking English with the locals as well as other foreign students. The professional English Language Courses in Malaysia include IELTS/Pearson Test Preparation, English For Work and Intensive General English for professional, academic and general everyday use.

 Foreign University Affiliations 

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Get a Foreign Degree in Malaysia

The best part about choosing a Degree in Malaysia is that you get to complete a fully American, British or Australian Degree within Malaysia. There are several Private Universities that offer 3+0 or 4+0 Foreign Degrees enabling you to fully complete a Foreign Degree in Malaysia at a local affordable price or transfer to the respective foreign campus during Year 2 or 3. The Degree and Transcript that you receive will also arrive from the Foreign Affiliated University.


There are also Branch Campuses from the UK and Australia that offer a complete foreign experience and foreign degrees to international students within Malaysia.

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Dual Award Programs

For those students who wish to study in one country and get the benefit of receiving two degree certificates and transcripts improving the value of their degrees, we also have Dual Award Programs affiliated with British, Australian and European Universities. These programs are recognized by Malaysia as well as the Foreign Affiliated University, improves you career opportunities as well as international recognition, especially if you are thinking of studying further and settling down in the Foreign Partner Country like the UK or Australia.


Malaysia to Canada/US Transfer Program

We have several guaranteed Transfer Programs in Malaysia that are designed to enable students to start their Degree in Malaysia and successfully transfer to top universities in the US and Canada. Students get to experience the American/Canadian education system during their initial years in Malaysia to prepare them for the education and lifestyle when transferring to the American/Canadian University. There are professional counselors who will guide and oversee the complete transfer process of the students including University Selection, Application and Visa Support. The key point about this program is that students pay half or even one-third the tuition fees and living costs of US/Canada during their time in Malaysia.

 Popular Program Options 

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Business Consultation
Information Technology
Computer Science
Artificial Intelligence
Robotics Class
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Cyber Security
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Data Analytics
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Digital Marketing
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