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Why Malaysia for higher education?

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Malaysia is a country known around the world primarily as a favorite tourist destination famous for its architectural landmarks like the Petronas KLCC Twin Towers, remarkable islands like Pulau Redang and its vibrant multicultural people.

An additional feature of Malaysia that sets it apart is that it is an Education Hub, hosting some of the world's most prestigious universities and Foreign Branch campuses.

Why Malaysia for Education?
Petronas KLCC Twin Towers

The most notable names among the local higher education institutes include Universiti Malaya (UM), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Taylor's University, UCSI University, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Sunway University, Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) and Multimedia University (MMU) along with many others.

Among the well-known Foreign Branch Campuses located in Malaysia are Monash University and Swinburne University of Technology (Australia), University of Nottingham, Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia, University of Southampton and Heriot-Watt University (UK), as well as Xiamen University (China).


Let's have a look at why Malaysia is an ideal choice for international students who wish to pursue their higher education overseas:

1. The option of completing a fully American, Australian or British Degree in Malaysia at a local cost

What many people might not be aware of, is that many of the local Malaysian Universities offer international and local students the opportunity to acquire fully British, American and Australian Degrees completely in Malaysia through their 3+0 and 4+0 programs, with the option of transferring to the respective foreign campuses in their corresponding countries.

INTI International College Subang
INTI International College Subang

SEGI and UCSI are two examples among many of the higher learning institutes offering such programs as the 3+0 Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering (University of Sunderland, UK) and the 3+0 BSc Accounting and Finance (Oxford Brookes University, UK).

Enrolled students have the option of transferring to the corresponding foreign campuses during the middle/final years or completing the entire degree in Malaysia at almost 1/3rd the cost while still receiving degree certificates and transcripts from the main foreign university campuses in the UK, US and Australia.

2. Being a part of a truly culturally diverse environment

From the moment you step foot into Malaysia as an international student, you will already be interacting with the country's multiracial citizens known as Malaysians (comprising of Malays, Chinese and Indians), which enables you to experience true cultural diversity and unity, making Malaysia 'Truly Asia' the unique country that it is.

As the country attracts foreign students from all over the world, you will also have

the unique opportunity to mingle with people from more than 100 countries including South Korea, Japan, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, China,

Kenya, Germany, France, Russia and many more. You will find yourself doing class team projects with students from any of these countries, allowing you to learn different cultures and languages, as you return home with real 'foreign' experience after completing your education.

3. No language barriers - English is widely spoken and written in Malaysia

One challenging aspect of traveling to a foreign country for education is the compulsion of learning the local language to study and fit into the local culture. For example, most foreign students traveling to Turkey or China for education, find themselves having to learn Turkish or Chinese in order to continue their education as well as live in the country for the next few years.

But that is not the case in Malaysia, as almost everyone in the country speaks fluent English Language, from the Airport Immigration Officers and the University staff, all the way to the restaurant workers and shopkeepers. Moreover, the medium of communication and curriculum at almost all the universities and colleges in Malaysia is English. You will also find important announcements and street signs written in Malay as well as English, which will help you to navigate your way around the country and learn useful local words.

4. Safe, Peaceful, Affordable

Safety is an important concern that most parents have on their minds when sending their children to foreign countries for education. Malaysia has maintained its position in the top 30 most peaceful countries for the last decade, currently at the 23rd position as per the Global Peace Index Report of 2021. Combining this with the average tuition fees and living costs, Malaysia becomes one of the most sought-after study destinations with approximately 350-400 USD monthly costs including food, accommodation, utilities, local travel and tourism. Just to compare tuition fee costs, an American Degree that would cost you 60,000 USD for 4 years will cost you only about 20,000 USD in Malaysia for the entire program.

5. Experience Truly Asia and its beautiful destinations

While on their educational journey in Malaysia, international students have a unique advantage of exploring the exciting and enriching fun-filled activities that Malaysia has to offer as part of its beautiful islands, breathtaking landscapes, trekking/hiking routes, futuristic architecture and dynamic culture. Remember to keep your studies on track, but also discover this beautiful country, taking back with you memories and an experience of a lifetime.

So now you know, why Malaysia for your education. Let us know what you wish to study and let's get you started on your journey ahead. We gladly Welcome You to Malaysia, or as they say locally, Selamat Datang Ke Malaysia.

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